Introducing Aurora Espresso Coffee

Over the last 55 years, our customers have come to expect unparalleled quality and freshness from Aurora products. Today we are happy to introduce an important new addition to the Aurora family that exemplifies these core values: Aurora Espresso Coffee.

Never before has the Canadian consumer been given greater access to an authentic Italian espresso that captures the rich aromatic scent of an italian coffee combined with the freshness provided by a locally roasted bean.

The one-way valve that is built into every bag of Aurora Espresso allows the coffee to be packaged immediately after roasting, reducing its exposure to oxygen and delivering the freshest experience possible. The one-way valve allows the gas that is emitted by the freshly roasted coffee to escape, forcing oxygen out of the bag at the same time. So, when you open a bag of Aurora Espresso Coffee you are guaranteed the freshest espresso possible!

Aurora Coffee WebsiteWe’re very excited to make this exciting new product available to our loyal consumers, who we are positive will enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting it.

Interested in trying our coffee? Check out the Aurora Espresso Coffee website for more information on how you can try our coffee free, or find the closest retailer to you!

For retailers interested in carrying this product, please contact your sales representative for more information, or send us a message directly!

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