Aurora Corn Gnocchi Recall

Earlier this week the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued a warning about one of our products because it may contain gluten which is not declared on the label. This warning affects lot 0733 of our Aurora Corn Gnocchi. We apologize for this oversight and are collaborating with the CFIA to make sure this lot is removed from store shelves: the recall process was activated on December 9th and we are contacting all retail stores that purchased this specific lot of the product to give them more information about the CFIA warning.

We are concerned about food allergies and have taken serious steps towards offering safer products to all Canadians. In 2012 we added a filter to our online catalogue to browse the gluten free products that we carry, and we also label our recipes to help people with allergies find recipes suitable for their diets. We are also working on an update to all Aurora product labels to make it easier for consumers to identify products that might contain gluten and other allergens.

As part of our commitment to safer products we do not list Aurora Corn Gnocchi as gluten free. This is because the factory where it is produced is currently not certified as gluten free. What that means is that, although Aurora Corn Gnocchi ingredients don’t contain gluten, the same factory produces products that do and therefore there is a risk of cross-contamination. This seems to be what happened with this specific lot of the product concerned in the CFIA warning.

Once again, we want to apologize for this issue. Our new labels will be out soon and will provide additional information to help consumers identify products that may contain gluten. In the meantime we will keep collaborating with the CFIA and releasing relevant information as soon as we have it.

About the Author:

Dan is the eldest grandson of Aurora Importing founder Nunzio Tumino. He is a web designer by trade, but has inherited a passion for good food from his family. As a kid, Dan spent his summers filling orders in the Aurora warehouse. Now he maintains the Aurora blog and co-ordinates Aurora's online marketing campaigns.


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