Aurora Gnocchi Recall – Update

This week the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) published an update on the warning they originally posted on December 9th regarding a specific lot of Aurora Corn Gnocchi. This update is to inform the public of Aurora Importing’s decision to expand the product recall to all lots of Aurora Corn Gnocchi and Aurora Rice Gnocchi due to the fact that they may contain gluten which is not declared on the label.

We are taking this measure as part of our commitment to help Canadian consumers identify products suitable for their dietary needs. Once the first warning was issued we decided to test all lots and products from the same supplier, finding high levels of gluten in these two products. We do not list Aurora Corn Gnocchi or Aurora Rice Gnocchi as gluten free products because the factory where they are produced is not certified as gluten free, but we regret that we did not explicitly state this information on our labels, which is why we are recalling all lots of both of these products.

To ensure we provide consumers with all the information possible, we are updating Aurora Gnocchi product labels to include clearer information about the presence of wheat in Aurora Corn and Rice Gnocchi. These labels will be available with the next shipment of these two products to retail stores, and we will work to expand the same label format to other Aurora and Allessia products.

Aurora Importing is also enforcing a new procedure to make certain all Aurora Gnocchi products do not contain undeclared allergens. From now on, our Italian supplier will have to provide the analysis results for all product lots before they are shipped to Canada. This analysis will be conducted in an independent laboratory in Italy, with periodical double-checks in an independent Canadian laboratory. We will not allow product lots that fail to pass these tests to be shipped to Canada.

With these measures we hope to strengthen our commitment to safer products and clearer labelling.

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