What’s a Recipideo?

Recipe + Video = Recipideo.  In under 4 min you can master the art of Italian cooking in a fun way!

What would it be like if you were watching your nonna or mother cook, right in front of you?(well, sometimes in slow or fast motion)

If you are curious and need a fresh idea for dinner  just watch “Pasta alla Bomba con Tonno.” Does it sound complicated??? It’s really not because, with the right ingredients, it’s easier than you think! You’ll see!

Want to purchase ingredients online?  It’s easy at My Italian Cantina . Find a printable version here

About the Author:

I am a little of a great many things. Every experience and every blessing. And even though the whole may be greater than the sum of it's parts, welcome to this little part of me I call "Ita-liana." Raised in an Italian grocery store/food importing company (which explains why wine and olive oil runs through my veins) this is the part of me that is the very best of my Sicilian and Calabrian roots. Watching my Calabrese mother and grandmother cook for the entire family, with not only expertise and ease, but with an over abundance of love, left it's mark. Travelling back to Italy and learning about family history did the rest, while my Sicilian side kicks in almost intuitively. * © All recipes, photography, illustrations on posts by "ita-liana" and "Recipideo" video content copyright Liana Tumino ©

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