Gluten Free Update

A short while ago we were prompted by a Facebook message to add a gluten free category to our  product catalogue. We’d like to thank Gluten Free Ontario not only for the wonderul work they do on their website but for also helping make ours better too!

If you are looking for high quality Gluten Free products please use our new filters “Gluten Free (certified)” and “Gluten Free (uncertified)” on our catalogue page to see how many goodies we have for you!

There is a wide variety of products to choose from but with Halloween just around the corner we thought we’d let you know about our yummy selection of gluten free candy.

Cedrinca, has been making quality candy in Italy since 1910. They make a wide range of flavours and here are some of our favorites. “Garda Mint” (an Ita-Liana favorite) is a minty hard candy with a luscious soft chocolate center. “Trottolina’s” crunchy nougat center is surrounded by smooth dark chocolate and “Tirolese” is an assortment of berry flavours with soft centers and a hard candy shell.

Perfect for your adult halloween or costume party (or for every other time of the year). Try our Espresso, Cappuccino or Liquor filled candies. But Cedrinca Candies are not only gluten free, they are also 100% Natural, made with no artificial colouring or flavours, no additives and no preservatives!

And for something extra special, Cedrinca’s Dark Chocolate BonBon series comes in 3 different varieties.  “Opere” a dark chocolate covered candy with five exceptional liquor fillings: Marsala, Brandy, Maraschino, Rum, and Zabajone. Yes a Zabajone candy wow! “Joker” is filled with Almond, Maron Glace, Amaretto, Espresso and Toffee and “Paolo e Francesca” has five creamy fillings of Orange, Walnut, Dark Cherry, Banana and Mint.

Happy Halloween everybody and remember just because you are on a gluten free diet (or over 10 years old) doesn’t mean you can’t have your candy and eat it too!!

About the Author:

I am a little of a great many things. Every experience and every blessing. And even though the whole may be greater than the sum of it's parts, welcome to this little part of me I call "Ita-liana." Raised in an Italian grocery store/food importing company (which explains why wine and olive oil runs through my veins) this is the part of me that is the very best of my Sicilian and Calabrian roots. Watching my Calabrese mother and grandmother cook for the entire family, with not only expertise and ease, but with an over abundance of love, left it's mark. Travelling back to Italy and learning about family history did the rest, while my Sicilian side kicks in almost intuitively. * © All recipes, photography, illustrations on posts by "ita-liana" and "Recipideo" video content copyright Liana Tumino ©


  • Brenda McPhail

    I am so happy that I found out that your beef boulions and chicken boulions are gluten free. I just recently found out by my doctor that I have Gluten intolerance. My family loves their gravy with meat, and I use to make it with other beef broth. When cooking roasts in the oven I use it etc. So when I found out you guys were gluten free I rushed out and bought some. I am so happy with the flavor, and now seeing more productions online I am getting ready to do my next grocery day more online. 🙂 Thanks so very very much.

  • Fantastic Brenda so glad to hear we just updated our site to include the Gluten Free categories because of Gluten Free Ontario. We are happy to be able to help out!! Let us know how you like any other products you may try and aside from purchasing online don’t be afraid to ask your grocer to carry items you have difficulty finding!

  • linda

    Not sure your Aurora beef bouillon cubes are certified gluten-free..
    I have the 66g…6 tablets…
    Wanting to use them today…
    My daughter has Celiac…
    Please let me know…


  • Hi Linda, the cubes are gluten-free but the facility is not a certified gluten-free facility. Hope that helps!

  • linda

    Have you
    had any complaints about the product being cross-contaminated??
    I do not want to make her sick…
    She is newly diagnosed, and still very easily contaminated…

    Thanks again

  • Dear Linda , If your daughter is newly diagnosed with Celiac disease and you state that she also has a high sensitivity we
    recommend that you do not use our product. It is best to be extra cautious when it comes to the health and welfare of our loved ones!

    Please use products that are certified or as natural as possible! Perhaps sea salt and fresh or dried herbs for flavoring are a better choice?
    There are many great websites and sources for gluten free information. We highly recommend our friends at Gluten Free Ontario to start
    with…you can also find them on Facebook!

    Although the facility that manufactures the Aurora Bouillon Cubes has a controlled program to monitor ingredients and processing
    in place, and wheat products are not used in the manufacture of any of the products on the line, the facility is not certified by
    a third governing agency. We hope this answers your question.

  • linda