2012: The food was the star

In preparation for the new year we thought we’d review 2012 to recap what a wonderful year it has been! We organized a myriad of contests from the very first day of 2012 (did you participate in the first recipideo roundup?) to the last one (we are just sending out 3 Nonna María DVDs to the winners of our Christmas giveaway!!).

We discovered some great  Canadian food blogs and have had a blast working with their amazing authors. We brought Baci Chocolates live demos to the next level with Chef Christian Pritchard, and Top Choice Magazine readers voted us the Top Importing Company in Toronto (for the 4th year in row!). Do you see what I mean?

But the brightest star for 2012 was the food. Not only did the launch of our recipideo channel break all of our expectations (thank you all for watching and sharing!), but also the Italian recipes section of our website grew in volume and readers. This is our most cherished achievement because for us there is no greater joy then to see traditions being continued and families continuing to share healthy home cooked meals together!

So here are our readers top picks for 2012, and since they are all Recipideos…we think maybe we are on the right track after all!

Stuffed Zucchini

Stuffed Zucchini
The most popular recipe on our website during 2012! A well deserved favorite because it not only healthy and delicious, but it’s easy and feeds a good amount of people (perfect for summer gatherings!). A great way to utilize all of those “extra large” and many zucchini that tend to appear all summer.

Fast forward to Christmas! Our second most popular recipe: Zeppole! A well loved Christmas tradition in many Italian homes, especially in Calabria. They go by many names and are not to be confused with the Zeppole San Giovanni. You can serve them plain (topped with salt, sugar or honey); add raisins or even anchovies for a savory version, the choice is yours!

Stuffed Eggplant with Tomato Sauce
I’m glad the Stuffed Eggplant made it to the top three, because it was one of my favourites (like most recipes including eggplant). This is a unique family recipe from Southern Italy, and it not only makes a delicious meal but it also looks amazing on the plate thanks to the combination of colours. If only we could share the aroma on a blog post…

Easy Tomato Sauce

Easy Tomato Sauce
Making a stunning homemade tomato sauce is so much easier than you think. You just need the right ingredients and a small amount of Nonna love and you are off to the races. If you don’t have good fresh tomatoes (sadly your garden probably won’t produce any until the summer) you can use canned diced tomatoes and tomato puree.

Pasta with Spicy Tuna

Penne alla Bomba con Tonno
We are so proud that this recipe made it to the top five, because it was our very first recipideo! Another simple yet delicious recipe, especially if you love to put a spicy twist on your pasta (which I do). In my world there is no such thing as using too much La Bomba, I use it on so many things!


Looking forward to having more fun in 2013, Which recipes would you like to see in a recipideo this year? What other Nonna cooking secrets and recipes do we need to make sure get documented and preserved ? Let us know in the comments below and get ready to enjoy another year of great Italian cooking!

About the Author:

I am a little of a great many things. Every experience and every blessing. And even though the whole may be greater than the sum of it's parts, welcome to this little part of me I call "Ita-liana." Raised in an Italian grocery store/food importing company (which explains why wine and olive oil runs through my veins) this is the part of me that is the very best of my Sicilian and Calabrian roots. Watching my Calabrese mother and grandmother cook for the entire family, with not only expertise and ease, but with an over abundance of love, left it's mark. Travelling back to Italy and learning about family history did the rest, while my Sicilian side kicks in almost intuitively. * © All recipes, photography, illustrations on posts by "ita-liana" and "Recipideo" video content copyright Liana Tumino ©

Website: http://www.ita-liana.com

  • Charlie

    Lasagna!!! I’d love to see the secrets behind a real Nonna Lasagna recipe in one of those videos. Mine is never as good as I remember it :S

  • Jonathan B.

    I need a pizza recipe…. #justsaying.

  • Great idea Charlie! The secret may be in the homemade pasta but lasagna is definitely on the list, as is pizza!! Our expert Nonna is ready to serve! Stay tuned!