Lidia Talks Tomatoes

Lidia Bastianich is coming to Toronto this February! In honor of this special occasion you must stay tuned as we will be having a Lidia giveaway frenzy over the coming weeks! This week we have 3  pairs of tickets to see Lidia Live at the Main Stage Theatre! ** 2 pairs of special VIP passes are now also available for a Feb 11th private taping in Montreal at 8pm!** If you want to win,  simply watch Lidia’s 1 min Video Tip below to see what she has to say about tomatoes and then continue reading! If you don’t know the difference between San Marzano and Roma tomatoes, this for you!

Lidia says,“if in season, perfectly ripe fresh tomatoes are the best…”  and we agree! Have you seen our recipe for Nonna’s Stuffed Eggplant yet? It starts with out with a simple and incredibly delicious fresh tomato sauce as many of the great classic Italian recipes do. But as Lidia continues to say, “canned tomatoes are just as good because you can make them year round” and we also got you covered there!! From imported Italian Plum Tomatoes to our very own Canadian Plum Tomatoes; diced, crushed, strained… Aurora has a FULL line of Tomato products for you to enjoy all year round.

Talking about tomatoes, this week is especially exciting as we are awaiting the arrival of a new baby….Lidia would be proud! This week Aurora is adding Allessia San Marzano Tomatoes to their line up! These tomatoes can only be grown in one area of  Italy and since they are of historical significance, San Marzano tomatoes, like wine, enjoy protected status D.O.P (Denominazione di Origine Protetta.) Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as shipment arrives from Italy!

San Marzano Tomatoes

So on that note, take a look at our recipideo “How to make Tomato Sauce 2 ways“. Whether you use fresh or canned tomatoes,  your sauce will be delicious either way!! Ponder these questions while you watch: What’s a staple in your kitchen pantry? Whole Plum tomatoes, crushed, strained, diced, or do you use only fresh tomatoes all the time? Do you look for imported or local? Roma or San Marzano? Watch, form your answers, and then we’ll tell you how to enter and win your tickets to see Lidia LIVE in Toronto! **(or please specify in your comment if you want to see her in Montreal)**

Ok here is how to win. We want to hear from you, we really do, so answer any or all of our questions above and make your comments below. There are 4 ways to enter so here’s the deal:

1. Get 1 entry by simply answering our questions above and by leaving a comment below.

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Oh and that’s not all! How would you like to win a signed copy Lidia’s many newest cookbook “Lidia’s Favorite Recipes”!? Stay tuned and we’ll post yet another exciting giveaway very very soon!! Good luck everyone!

Entries will be accepted until Sunday January 27th 12:00am EST.
Winners will be announced on Monday Jan 28th and contacted by email.
Winners must provide a postal address in Canada. Tickets and passes must be claimed within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen

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