World Pasta Day Photo Contest

We celebrate pasta almost everyday of the year, but we still get very excited when summer gives way to fall and we can see World Pasta Day coming up. This day was born in the World Pasta Congress held in Rome on October 25th 1995, and  since then it has been celebrated all around the World each year.

Earlier this year, Italian-Canadian blogger Laura D’Amelio invited us to participate in the very first #PastaTuesday. Thanks to this weekly celebration we have seen a lot of great pasta pictures. It’s great to see how many Canadians are sharing their spaghetti, penne, rigatoni, pappardelle, lasagna, cannelloni (this list is 600 names long!) every tuesday on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In fact, we think it’s so great that we have decided to reward them to celebrate this year’s World Pasta Day!

The Contest

Since we have seen a lot of you like to share pasta pictures, here is how the contest works:

  • Go to our Facebook page and look for the tab that says “Photo Contest”. If you are not following us on Facebook you’ll be asked to “like” the page to access the contest.
  • Upload a picture of the latest pasta dish you have cooked (no cheating!). We will be accepting submissions from today until Tuesday, October 22th at midnight. Be aware you can only  submit one picture for this contest, so make it a good one!
  • Vote for your favourite pictures, and invite your friends to vote too. You will be able to vote from today until Thursday, October 24th at midnight. This gives the latest submissions a couple of days to catch up on votes.
  • That same night we will pick the 5 pictures with the most votes and send them to our jury of pasta experts. They will select 3 winners that will be announced on World Pasta Day (Friday, October 25th).

 The Prizes

Each one of the three winners will receive a gift pack from Aurora Importing with our favourite gourmet pastas. Each pack includes:

The Jury

The jury is composed of these three pasta lovers:

Laura D’Amelio

Laura is the great mind behind the blog An Italian-Canadian Life, where she explores the culture of Italian families in Canada including their images, recipes and traditions. Part food blog, part cultural commentary, An Italian-Canadian Life is a member blog of the Food Bloggers of Canada, was featured as one of Lidia Bastianich’s Favourite Bloggers and won third in the 2012 Canadian Weblog Awards. Apart from the blog, Laura is also a writer, content developer and photographer whose food photos have been featured on Foodgawker and Tastespotting. You can talk to her on Twitter (@ItalianCdnLife) and Facebook (

Jerry Buccilli

Jerry Buccilli is a 1st generation Italian-Canadian and the owner and operator of Zeppoli’s – Italian Comfort Food, a small catering company based out of Niagara Falls (Ontario) where he lives with his wife and twin boys. Fiercely devoted to his Italian heritage, Jerry believes that if prepared properly Italian food is the best in the world. His philosophy is simple: Food without pretense; simple is best; less is more; “honest and true ingredients that pay respect to the plate.” Jerry was raised in Italy before coming to Canada. His mother was Sicilian and his father hails from the Abruzzi region. Jerry credits his parents for giving him inspiration and love for his heritage and cooking. He is passionate about Italian culture, its flavours, locales and traditions. You can talk to him on Twitter (@zeppolis) and Facebook (

Rina Imbrogno

Rina holds the position of General Manager at Aurora Importing, where she has been working for over 25 years. She is the first daughter of Nunzio Tumino, founder of the company, who passed on to her his passion for finding and bringing to Canada the highest quality Italian products.

About the Author:

I am a little of a great many things. Every experience and every blessing. And even though the whole may be greater than the sum of it's parts, welcome to this little part of me I call "Ita-liana." Raised in an Italian grocery store/food importing company (which explains why wine and olive oil runs through my veins) this is the part of me that is the very best of my Sicilian and Calabrian roots. Watching my Calabrese mother and grandmother cook for the entire family, with not only expertise and ease, but with an over abundance of love, left it's mark. Travelling back to Italy and learning about family history did the rest, while my Sicilian side kicks in almost intuitively. * © All recipes, photography, illustrations on posts by "ita-liana" and "Recipideo" video content copyright Liana Tumino ©