Aurora’s new Muffaletta Spread: tangy, complex and addictive!

When I twisted off the cap to Aurora’s new Muffaletta Spread yesterday, I had no idea what I was in for. The name and the taste were all new. Here’s what I found: something tangy, complex and addictive. Olives, vinegar, cauliflower, and spices make up this mix that you need to get your hands on. And make sure you say it right. Let’s practice together: moo-fuh-let-tah. Muffaletta!

muffaletta sandwich canada

The spread is named for the muffaletta sandwich. Invented in New Orleans, and so popular it’s a regular tourist attraction there, the olive spread is served in a crusty Italian loaf, tripled-up on meat — capicola, mortadella and salami — and topped off with cheese. Without the olive spread, it’s not a muffaletta sandwich.

You are supposed to wrap the sandwich tightly to soak in the flavours for four to 12 hours before digging in. I didn’t last more than one hour before I took a bite! My dad, visiting to fix a faucet, got a taste of lunch too. His reaction: “this is a kick-a** sandwich (actually he said sang-wich).” I can’t give you a better reaction than that.

muffaletta sandwhich canada

It’s the olives that make the difference. My mouth is still tingling from the hot spread (it comes in mild too) and I love it. It has me thinking that I don’t need the sandwich part to get to the Muffaletta Spread. How about using it…

  • as a topping on pizza;
  • mixed into bruschetta;
  • on hamburgers or grilled chicken;
  • stirred into sour cream and cream cheese to make a dip;
  • or by itself on crostini.

Addictive: the best way to describe Muffaletta Spread. I’m serving it up as a barbeque side this weekend and getting everyone else addicted too.

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