Holiday Entertaining with Loacker


One of my favourite things about the holiday season is that cozy feeling you get when you duck inside a house from the cold and windy winter weather, greeted by relatives and friends, warm hugs and special treats. I love welcoming guests too! Holiday cookies are often the centerpiece of get-togethers and, I’ll admit, one of the things I look forward to the most this time of year. So what will be on my holiday table? Well, some homemade cookies for sure, but also Loacker biscuits, an Italian brand that includes all sorts of sought after flavours of chocolates, wafers and pralines mixed together. They aren’t your regular cookies.

Loacker sleeves of cookies are prepped for intimate holiday gatherings like the visit of an old friend with whom you get to share an espresso and memories of the year. I often pull out the Noir Orange, a crisp and creamy chocolate orange biscuit.

Aurora-entertaining-LoackerFor buffet tables and open houses, Loacker single wrapped cookies are ideal for party bowls and gift baskets. The Gran Pasticceria line of wrapped delicacies includes Tortina White which has a smooth cream sandwiched between wafers and covered in chocolate. If you are ready for a treat, try the Rose of the Dolomites, a designer praline with a unique flower shape. Individually packaged they are good for snacking (and trying to restrain yourself from eating the whole box) or for including in gifts and cookie trays.

If you’re headed out for a visit this December, wrap up a box and bring it with you. To be a good guest, as my Italian family always told me, means that when you arrive at someone’s house, you should have to knock on the door with your feet because your hands are too full with goodies! Happy Holidays!

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