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  • Have a picnic with Aurora

    Have a picnic – Italian style! In this 60 second video we share our  highest recommendations for setting out a delicious Italian picnic spread. Make your next picnic festive with these tasty ideas from Aurora.

    Posted under How To | June 15, 2015
  • Pasta Tips for #WorldPastaDay on October 25th

    aurora importing pasta

    Celebration plans are underway for World Pasta Day on October 25th. In my house, we might try out a new pasta recipe (Pirro Filei Calaberse Piccante maybe?) or a new sauce (I’ve had my eye on Agromonte Cherry Tomato Sauce). Part of the joy of pasta is that cooking happens fast: boil for 10-12 minutes, […]

    Posted under How To | October 20, 2014
  • The Last (tomato) Hurrah!

    Perhaps it’s a little late for more tomato talk but it was such a great summer the tomato harvest seems to be lingering. I just could not resist grabbing yet another bushel of these lovely organic SAN MARZANO Tomatoes from the McBride’s Organic Farm stand at the farmer’s market this week. Most markets end on  or just […]

  • Ready, Set, Tomato Day!

    Do you  practice the very special Italian tradition of Tomato day? Does the end of summer conjour up memories of open garages filled with bushels of tomatoes, family members, stoves and propane burners working overtime, and the everpresent aroma of sauce permeating the entire neighborhood? Every year, our very good friends transform 10 bushels of […]

    Posted under How To | August 4, 2012