• Have a picnic with Aurora

    Have a picnic – Italian style! In this 60 second video we share our  highest recommendations for setting out a delicious Italian picnic spread. Make your next picnic festive with these tasty ideas from Aurora.

    Posted under How To | June 15, 2015
  • Aurora 60 Years in the Making!

    Humble Beginnings. 60 years ago, Aurora founder Nunzio Tumino was 28 years old and looking into an investment that would secure his future. A small grocery store was for sale at 713 the Queensway and he and his wife had just enough saved to take the plunge.The deal closed on April 25th and the store opened […]

  • GMO, What To Know

    In today’s modern world, it has become necessary to question the quality of our food supply to the extent that it has become quite confusing. The need to classify foods into the categories of “organic” and “conventionally grown” is a sign of the times, and a source of contention for many. While buying organic carries an […]