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  • Unexpected Chocolate Cake

    Call it stress-eating, or winter hibernation eating, but the other day I had a craving for moist, dense chocolate cake. I set about melting some chocolate, but decided I also didn’t want boring cake, so I put an unexpected twist on this cake. I made it with two surprising ingredients: chickpeas and balsamic glaze. Stay […]

  • Gluten-Free Gnocchi with Almond-Herb Pesto

    I had a friend who once told me she hated Italian food. I thought I misunderstood her and made her repeat herself three or four times. She said, there wasn’t enough variety, “it’s always pasta.” I told her she wasn’t looking hard enough. Besides the fact that the Italian diet is quite varied, including meat, […]

  • Home Cured Green Cracked Olives

    We are here to help demystify the process of home curing olives. These Barouni olives came from Chaffin Family Orchards in California but any green olive should work. It may seem daunting having to crack and de-stone each olive, but get the family together and it becomes another tradition well worth doing. We washed and […]