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  • Mushroom and Bean Soup

    I often extoll the virtues of slow, mindful cooking. In fact, many times the slower the better: the flavours are bursting, the food is filling and you can just taste the difference. But, on a rushed weeknight, I don’t mind the type of food that is done quickly but tastes like it took hours. That’s […]

  • Impanata with Broccoli

    Nonna Tip: Proof yeast if unsure of freshness. Warm 1 cup of the water to 110°F. Add 1 tsp sugar & yeast package. Cover 5-10 min. until foamy. Add to flour & continue as directed. If yeast won’t foam discard & obtain fresh.

  • Green Tomatoes in Oil

    *Use a heavy pot filled with water as a weight & a mandoline with large julienne blade to make cutting easier. Squeeze out excess liquids by wringing them out by hand or use an Omac vegetable press (torchietto) or similar.

  • Fagioli All’Uccelletto

    This classic Tuscan dish is so simple you won’t believe it. But so tasty , hearty and comforting too, especially in winter! You can also use canned white kidney beans if you are in a hurry, but taking the time to cook dried beans from scratch is well worth it when you have the time. […]

  • Home Cured Green Cracked Olives

    We are here to help demystify the process of home curing olives. These Barouni olives came from Chaffin Family Orchards in California but any green olive should work. It may seem daunting having to crack and de-stone each olive, but get the family together and it becomes another tradition well worth doing. We washed and […]

  • Melanzane sott’olio ~ Pickled Eggplant

    Melanzane sott’olio (Pickled Eggplant) is a great way to preserve eggplants from your garden! Make just a small batch if you like with even just 5 or six eggplants! Although tackling a bushel is always commendable and so very traditional…making even a jar or two is well worth the effort and really not that difficult. […]

  • Cheese-less Pizza Topping

    We hate to use the word cheese-less, (if it’s even a word) because there is nothing ‘less’ about this pizza! Yes this vegan pizza is absolutely delicious, satisfying and healthy! Make your (our) favourite pizza dough and use our recipe for classic pizza sauce and  follow the recipe below and you’ll see. Buon Appetito! Yeild […]