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  • Unexpected Chocolate Cake

    Call it stress-eating, or winter hibernation eating, but the other day I had a craving for moist, dense chocolate cake. I set about melting some chocolate, but decided I also didn’t want boring cake, so I put an unexpected twist on this cake. I made it with two surprising ingredients: chickpeas and balsamic glaze. Stay […]

  • Mushroom and Bean Soup

    I often extoll the virtues of slow, mindful cooking. In fact, many times the slower the better: the flavours are bursting, the food is filling and you can just taste the difference. But, on a rushed weeknight, I don’t mind the type of food that is done quickly but tastes like it took hours. That’s […]

  • Eggplant “Steaks” with Crispy Pesto Topping

    I’m in love with eggplants. It’s true. Tomatoes are supposed to be the king of Italian cooking and gardens and they are, truly, but the last few years I find myself buying bushels of eggplants right along with my tomatoes. They can be grilled, breaded, fried, baked, mashed and – one of my favourite uses […]

  • Spring Fresh Einkorn Salad

    Spring means fresh vegetables are coming into stores and picnic season is just around the corner. If you need a change up from pasta salad, Aurora’s new line of Allessia whole grains is the best way to go. I’ve made this salad a few times for family and friends and it’s gotten rave reviews each […]

  • Cannelloni Crepes

    Enjoy cannelloni for special occasions or a weekday meal by preparing the ricotta, the crepes & the sauce ahead of time so when it’s time for dinner just assemble the ingredients and pop them in the oven! Nonna Tip: See ‘Homemade Ricotta’ recipe to make ricotta very simply at home! See Classic Tomato Sauce recipe here […]

  • Scaccia Ragusana

    This is a delicacy found only in Ragusa, Sicily and can be filled with a variety of your favorite things, the possibilities are endless.  A very lovely alternative to pizza or calzone. * Add grilled eggplants to this recipe or fill with cooked onions mixed with ricotta cheese as another classic variation. Nonna Tip: Proof […]

  • Impanata with Broccoli

    Nonna Tip: Proof yeast if unsure of freshness. Warm 1 cup of the water to 110°F. Add 1 tsp sugar & yeast package. Cover 5-10 min. until foamy. Add to flour & continue as directed. If yeast won’t foam discard & obtain fresh.