• aurora_pandoro_parfait

    Pandoro Parfait

    Some people curl up with a hot chocolate by the Christmas tree. I offer my family something a little different, and a little cold: a Pandoro parfait. Buttery Aurora Pandoro layered with ice cream, chocolate and fruit (and if you are daring, a little holiday happiness by way of liqueur) is a dessert few people can turn […]

  • aurora_pasta_with_baby_clams

    Pasta alle Vongole in Bianco

    Seafood is rarely described as a comfort food, but come Christmas time, for many Italians seafood is exactly that. The seafood tradition of Christmas Eve includes a variety of dishes, but Pasta alle Vongole (pasta with clams) is a favourite to many. Aurora Baby Clams paired with deep flavours of garlic, broth and lemon delivers a […]

  • Aurora-chocolate-balsamic-chickpea-cake-recipe

    Unexpected Chocolate Cake

    Call it stress-eating, or winter hibernation eating, but the other day I had a craving for moist, dense chocolate cake. I set about melting some chocolate, but decided I also didn’t want boring cake, so I put an unexpected twist on this cake. I made it with two surprising ingredients: chickpeas and balsamic glaze. Stay […]

  • Aurora_mushroom-soup-recipe-resize

    Mushroom and Bean Soup

    I often extoll the virtues of slow, mindful cooking. In fact, many times the slower the better: the flavours are bursting, the food is filling and you can just taste the difference. But, on a rushed weeknight, I don’t mind the type of food that is done quickly but tastes like it took hours. That’s […]

  • IMG_1163

    Orecchiette pasta with butternut squash

    There’s a farm near me who’s roadside stand always draws me in this time of year. Piles of oddly shaped pumpkins, boxes of colourful squash and reams of corn. I have a tendency to buy way too many squash – butternut, acorn and the like – and then have to figure out what to do […]

  • IMG_1271

    Easy Arancini

    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, parties are a-plenty. I’m always looking for new finger-food and appetizer options to serve guests or bring to a party. One of my favourite Italian finger (or street) foods are arancini which I get from a local Italian bakery. Arancini are from Sicily and are stuffed rice balls that are coated with […]

  • IMG_0102

    Artichoke & Asiago Chicken

    Sometimes figuring out something new to cook up in the kitchen can be a challenge. But when you find something unique to do with a surprising ingredient, the results are rewarding. I had already prepped some chicken to make homemade chicken tenders, but the thought of making those again was boring. So into my cupboard I […]

  • Timballo Al Riso

    Timballo al Riso

    In a pinch some nights I throw half cooked pasta or rice, mixed with sauce, vegies and cheese, into the oven (al forno). This cooks it evenly, with a crispy, crunchy top, while I have time to get to a few chores. While I used to think this type of cooking was a bit of shortcut, there […]