• “Einkornotto” alla Milanese

    Einkorn has been gaining great momentum in the marketplace and it is no wonder! When great taste meets health benefits it is always a win/win situation. Just read what this restauranteur had to say about their discovery and use of this ancient grain in their establishment over the last 2 years with excellent results & […]

  • Risotto con Porcini

    A delicious Italian risotto is prepared in only 18 minutes with a few choice ingredients. Don’t be deterred by risotto myths of lengthly procedures over a hot stove stirring forever. Follow the easy and quick and fun Recipideo below and enjoy! Substitute asparagus with any of your favorite ingredients, baby shrimp, peas, mushrooms. The possibilities […]

  • Classic Tomato Sauce

    This classic pasta sauce is extremely simple, quick &  delicious in a multitude of recipes and in anything that calls for tomato sauce. Enjoy it especially on our recipes for Canelloni, and Gnocchi di Ricotta! * Substitute with 1 tin diced tomatoes & 1 bottle strained tomatoes if desired See Recipideo below to view an easy to […]

  • Green Beans with Potatoes & Tomato

    From mid to late summer green beans are an all time favorite in most Italian gardens…especially by the time they make it to the table! If you are lucky enough to find the flat variety they are especially traditional and extremely tasty but all types of pole beans can be used in this recipe. If […]

  • Cheese-less Pizza Topping

    We hate to use the word cheese-less, (if it’s even a word) because there is nothing ‘less’ about this pizza! Yes this vegan pizza is absolutely delicious, satisfying and healthy! Make your (our) favourite pizza dough and use our recipe for classic pizza sauce and  follow the recipe below and you’ll see. Buon Appetito! Yeild […]

  • Sicilian Cannoli

    Making authentic Sicilian Cannoli could not be simpler with “Cannoli di Sicilia” ready made cannoli shells FROM SICILY! As with many of our recipes, simplicity seems to be always best, would you agree? If you have the very best ingredients, use them and just get out of the way. In this case, taking the time […]

  • Pitta Mpigliata

    Pronounced PEE-TA  IM-PEE-LIA-TA this Calabrian treat, as usual has many variations. The name is a little complex so you can also call them “pinwheels” for simplicity. I like this recipe, a perfect blend of wine and olive oil in the dough and a selection of  fruits and nuts my family prefers but feel free to […]

  • Passatelli

    Passatelli is a traditional Christmas dish from the region of Emilia Romagna. This quick version utilizes Aurora Bread Crumbs and Bouillon cubes but of course you can make homemade as well! There are several recipes online and is similar to German Spaetzle so it is no wonder that this is a Northern Italian dish. Italyum.com […]